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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Well, it's a brand new year, and we are beyond excited to get back in the garden! To start off the season rightly (and mischeviously), Grant and I took a stroll down the produce section of an organic grocery store. The secret project was to figure out how much money we saved, approximately, from just ONE 4'x4' Square Foot Garden garden bed, last year. Like any gardening spy, I very casually had my 'grocery list' in hand, writing down the pertinent information that I required. We knew we were saving a lot, but the final totals were astounding! For last spring, we saved close to $275! As for our summer crops, we saved nearly $325! A total of $600. Additionally, this was an underestimation. I didn't even calculate fall crops. Whoa!

So, for anyone who wants to garden, but doesn't have the time (or determination) to learn Ph levels, OR hours daily doing back-aching, weed-pulling work in the garden, OR lacking a ton of extra cash to shop at organic grocery stores, give us a call.

--We sell the All New Square Foot Gardening books for $20.
--We do 1 hour consultations (the entire method can be learned in just 1 hour because it's so beginner friendly)! This costs $60. And every hour after that is only $50, which we can answer additional questions, help design garden area(s), and so on.

--We do consultations (see prices above).
--We help design garden beds.
--We build/supply garden beds.
--We build/install metal vertical frames (to grow vine plants UP--like tomatoes, zuchinni, etc-- which takes less space, keeps ground critters away and prevents ground rot). Price varies on size.
--We dig out area where garden beds are to be installed.
--We install garden beds.
--We even 'nanny' (water, harvest veggies, etc.) your gardens when you're on vacation!

Our signature cedar 4'x4' garden bed, organic soil mixture, Square Foot Gardening grid, and 4'x5' vertical growing frame, delivery and installation is only $400 (on average)! You can grow your money back in organic produce before the end of summer (and every year after that is a ton of money saved on organic food!!!)

Additionally, we are setting aside 20% of our profits from our Square Foot Gardening business to support teaching Square Foot Gardening, and other sustainable agriculture methods in Africa. We started this business last Spring with the hope of being able to spend our winters empowering people with the knowledge to develop sustainable food systems in their local communities, where hunger is an overwhelming issue. Join with us in the effort to bring health locally and hope globally!