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Friday, November 18, 2011

Update on Africa Permaculture Project

Greetings from Africa! Paige and I(Grant) have been enjoying our time in Uganda so far. The fresh produce here is so flavorful and delicious; I've been eating a good share of pineapple, avacado, and mango. It is so nice to enjoy good clean food, and makes us hope for more accessibility to good clean food for more people back home as well as in Africa. We are working with our friends, Trevor and Jana Tychon, and the organization they started called Connect Africa. We have been spending time observing the land and creating the start of a working npermaculture design for their 20 acre Hub, which will be a training center for permaculture practices in the future.

We have spent the first few weeks spilt between traveling about and staying at the Hub. When back at the Hub, we have been spending time in an amazing treehouse we helped finish under the shade of a pair of mango trees. It is a relaxing place to pray and meditate and listen to the variety of birds that share the beautiful little piece of God's wondrous creation.

We have taught a composting workshop, and now have all the residents of the Hub recycling the large quantity of fruit and veggie scraps that were previously being thrown out. Now the members of Connect Africa are learning to compost, in order to simultaneously build soil and grow nutritious food. I have enjoyed getting to know and work alongside the farm staff, who are eager to learn more about permaculture. They have expressed a desire to take the ideas of permaculture back to their villages, which inspires me all the more. We'll be posting pictures and hopefully some video as well, so you all following us back home can share in our adventure. Much love from Paige and I. Take care and God bless as we enter the holiday season.

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